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Research Background

Previous Surveys


This quantitative research uses an online survey to ask apprentices and trainees across ALL skill areas a series of questions about their perceptions and subjective experiences around skills for sustainability. A matched online survey asks similar questions of the teachers of apprentices and trainees. The survey questions take the scope of sustainability given in the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (G4), as these relate to entry-level employees. This includes social and economic aspects of sustainability, as well as environmental sustainability. This research is aimed at understanding student demand for skills for sustainability and the capacity of the VET sector to meet this demand. The surveys consists of demographic questions and questions using a rating scale addressing:
  • Espoused personal values and professional interest in sustainability;
  • Acknowledged sustainability related behaviours at work, class and home;
  • Barriers to skills for sustainability;
  • Learning of skills for sustainability;
  • Motivations for learning about skills for sustainability;
  • Sources of learning about skills for sustainability; and
  • Anticipated future demand for skills for sustainability.
Participants in the survey are invited from a selection of urban and regional TAFEs and other training organisations across Australia, with at least one institute in each State and Territory. An additional arm of the study recruits participants from WorldSkills Australia competitors to test whether an evidence base can be established to extrapolate the results of existing Gen Green research to a national population.

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