Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)


Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)


The Institute of Environmental Studies has been teaching the Masters of Environmental Management and Policy Programme (MEM) for 15 years and it’s time to catch up with the diverse 650+ alumni to continue to build the “who is the IES MEM” alumni picture.

IES has partnered with Sustainably Pty Ltd to develop two online questionnaires for both graduates and employers of MEM graduates.

We are interested to know where the MEM graduate is, how useful the degree has been in the MEM graduate’s chosen profession(s), what skills the MEM graduate brings to the workplace, where the MEM graduate has found employment and what businesses the MEM graduate may have created anticipating emerging environmental needs/trends. We also want to know how important the MEM alumni network is to the MEM graduate.

This exercise begins a four way conversation between MEM graduate, the Alumni network, the IES and the workplace to promote connections between older and more recent graduates , define the MEM value proposition for employers, and extend the IES support into organisations through workplace experience, industry scholarships, short courses/workshops.

Services we provided:

  • Collaborative project management
  • Survey design and analysis (Qualtrics)
  • Marketing
  • Communications Strategy
  • Report