L2A Bushfire Planning


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Institute for Sustainable Futures


L2A Bushfire Planning 9, 16 and 23 September 2021

This course will deliver targeted skills development on climate change in bushfire planning. Guided by expert speakers from the research and policy communities and by case studies presented by practitioners, we will be considering how to manage bushfire planning under the influence of climate change.

Climate driven changes to Australia’s fire regimes have implications for a range of environmental planning and assessment activities, like the management of biodiversity offsets and planning for asset protection. Indigenous land management practices are informing responses to bushfires. Our focus is on the NSW jurisdiction, exploring themes that apply just as well elsewhere.

Who should attend?

This course has been designed for practitioners looking to develop a specialisation or update their skills in natural resource management and looking to develop specialised skills in regulatory, policy, consulting responses to climate change and bushfire planning.

L2A Bushfire Planning course details

  • Session 1 – Climate change and fire ecology in NRM

Our understanding of the influence of climate change on bushfire regimes, as one of many interacting pressures on species and ecosystems, is growing. We will explore how NSW policy makers are approaching climate change in the management of the ecological impact of fire and the restoration actions that may be needed.

  • Session 2 – Planning for bushfire recovery

Climate change plays a key role in the increasing size, intensity, and destructiveness of bushfires, driving catastrophic impacts on smaller regional centres and threating urban areas. We will survey some of the policy and practice of building resilience to these events, minimising losses and promoting quicker recovery.

  • Session 3 – Integrating traditional fire management into NRM

Fire will continue to be part of all our relationship with Country. We will explore how Indigenous people are leading collaborations with modern science, fostering deeper engagement, contributing to ongoing resilience and maintaining ecological communities of which humans are a part.

Course delivery

Online via zoom, 9am – 12.30pm

Services we provided

  • Course curation
  • Training facilitation


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