Manage Workplace Sustainability Skill Set


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Local governments make decisions that span generations and need to be actively assessing and responding to both current and future risks. Climate change is already manifesting as complex and evolving legal, social, economic, and environmental risk. However, unlike traditional risk management, tackling climate risk requires unique skills and approaches that enable effective decision-making under uncertainty.

Integrating climate risk management and unlocking opportunities presented by a changing climate

Working in state and local government requires a broad range of managerial, coordination and planning skills. The LGSSS00010 Manage Workplace Sustainability Skill Set reflects the role of individuals who are engaged in workplace sustainability in a range of state and local government contexts including asset management, risk management, land use planning, policy development, strategic planning and sustainability management.

Successful completion of this skill set broadens your skills and knowledge to assist in developing councils’ ability to implement, monitor and manage environmentally sustainable work practices, specifically climate change resilience, relating to local government.

2023 dates now available.

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