Research on sustainability analysis


Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA), University of Sydney


Sustainability analysis is a rapidly evolving field encompassing an expanding and increasingly sophisticated tool kit. Sustainably is making an ongoing contribution to this research effort in partnership with the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group at the University of Sydney. We have contributed to a number of their publications in the Sustainability Practitioners Guide Series, building on a history of collaborative contributions to the improvement of the ecological footprint methodology and its application in the urban water industry.

Sustainability Practitioners Guide Series

  • Sustainability Practitioners Guide to Social Analysis and Assessment
    • Chapter 2: Stakeholders and Social Life Cycle Assessment: Is it Better to Ask for Forgiveness than it is to get Permission?
    • Chapter 17: The Story Behind the Page: Social LCA of Printed Paper

http://onsustainability. 197/prod.20

  • Enough for All Forever: A Handbook for Learning about Sustainability
    • Chapter 32: A Collarless Workforce – Teaching and Learning Skills for Sustainability

http://onsustainability. 197/prod.6

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