UrbanGrowth NSW 2016 Sustainability Report production


UrbanGrowth NSW (UGNSW)


UrbanGrowth NSW is the NSW Government’s urban transformation agency. Their mandate is to focus on large-scale urban transformation projects, while transitioning out of greenfields residential land development, a legacy of the former Landcom. Their current activities are concentrated into two portfolios across geographic regions: the central business district and Western Sydney.

This work is guided by five Ministerial imperatives:

  • housing and jobs – Driving increases in the supply of housing and jobs
  • strengthen the NSW economy – Delivering world-class centres that attract investment and boost productivity
  • integrate with infrastructure – Optimising public investment in infrastructure through integrated land use and transport planning
  • seek a fair return for taxpayers – Operating on a commercially astute basis, seeking a fair return for taxpayers
  • collaborate with stakeholders – Promoting public sector innovation through collaborating across government, the private sector and community in the delivery of the portfolio.

Progress in addressing these requirements is reported both through an Annual Report and an annual Sustainability Report. The annual Sustainability Report is produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and is subject to independent assurance. UGNSW is required to report annually against sustainability indicators and targets focused on environmental initiatives and sophisticated approaches to achieving social sustainability. Work is currently underway to deliver a revised sustainability framework and reporting measures.

Services we provided:

Data sourcing:

  • Developing and improving reporting process
  • Collating and analysing of qualitative and quantitative data from across project portfolio
  • Providing recommendations for improved performance and reporting

Technical Report writing:

  • Negotiating of report structure and tone
  • Drafting of technical performance report on indicators and case studies
  • Leading editorial review of public Sustainability Report text 2016
  • Managing client response to independent assurance against GRI-G4

Project Management:

  • Managing internal stakeholder engagement
  • Liaising with technical experts


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