Climate Resilient Tonga professional development program


Government of the Kingdom of Tonga Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC)



Funding Support:

Funded by the Asian Development Bank through the Climate Resilience Sector Project (CRSP) implemented by the Climate Change Department under the Ministry of MEIDECC.


Climate Resilient Tonga: professional development program 

The Government of Tonga has obtained a grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to implement the Climate Resilience Sector Project (CRSP) that will mainstream climate resilience into development planning and address country priorities focusing on the most vulnerable sectors and communities.

The objective of the CRSP is to increase resilience in economic, social, and natural eco-systems to climate variability and change and disaster risk in Tonga.

The overall outcome of the project is to strengthen the enabling environment for climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction at national and local levels.

The Climate Resilient Tonga professional development program sits under this project. Over 3 months 20 government staff will participate in accredited training on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction delivered in Tonga.

The following topics will be addressed in the training: 

  • International sustainability issues and institutions;
  • Climate science and current projections for the South Pacific;
  • Approaches to developing national environmental accounts for Tonga;
  • Current frameworks for climate change adaptation and resilience in policy and practice;
  • Approaches to performance monitoring and evaluation of environmental programs;
  • Communications of adaptation action and community engagement strategies; and
  • Emergency risk management and disaster preparedness.

The Climate Resilient Tonga professional development program is designed and delivered by Sustainably and is supported by TAFE NSW.

This professional development has been designed by experienced sustainability educators to engage participants with recognised key experts in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and is facilitated by Dr Fabian Sack, Ms Judy Turnbull and Dr Viliami Uasike Latu featuring Key Experts Mr John Clarke (CSIRO), Dr Christopher Dey, Dr Deb O’Connell (CSIRO), Ms Louise Boronyak (ISF) and Adjunct Associate Professor David Parsons. Upon successful completion of the course successful participants will be issued with a Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability (BSB42315).

Services we provided:

  • Learning Program development
  • Accreditation strategy
  • Contract of external Experts
  • Training delivery & facilitation
  • Participant learner support
  • Evaluation strategy and implementation
  • Collaborative partnership management
  • Marketing & communications